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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  March 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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will string together several 70- degree temperature days coming through. need to pinpoint when it will change and that will come on sunday in to monday. we will tell you about that in a few minutes. how are things moving right now? >> good morning. love those 70s. keep them coming. as far as traffic we have an issue on the capital beltway. inner loop in montgomery county, we are seeing an accident. crews are on the scene. they are trying to upright the vehicle. crews are trying to clear it up. no major traffic trouble as we can see right now. moving to virginia 395 northbound past seminary and glebe to the 14th street bridge. looking good. a little volume at this hour. 66 eastbound, still nice and light. just a little more volume as well but no big problems. make sure you grab those sun glasses to get out there later on today and open the sunroof. it will be nice out there. back to you. paul powell is set to die
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in virginia's electric chair, 11 years after he killed a 16- year-old girl and attacked her little sister. kristin fisher has more from the information center. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well n a rare move, powell has chosen to die in the electric chair instead of by lethal injection. the execution is tonight at the greenville connection at center in virginia. the 31-year-old is convicted of killing 16-year-old stacey reed and raping her sister in ' 99. christy shown here last year still shows the scars of that savage attack. her throat and abdomen had been slashed with a knife. she will be at the ux cushion when powell draws his last breath. this is an execution that almost didn't happen. in 2001 the virginia supreme court overturned the death sentence saying prosecutors failed to prove that powell raped stacey which was part of the reason for defining the case as capital murder but then
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powell wrote two taunting letters to the county once he thought he could no longer receive the death penalty. he was tried and convicted a second time. the governor said he will not stop the execution. to the victim's mother, she says tonight is about closure. >> i have been dealt this tragedy and what i can do to turn it around is important to me and bring positive things out of it. and i want to bring hope to other victims that there is always hope. >> now, for the victim's family that hope continues in the form of stacie's foundation which is advocating the compassionate treatment of victim and their families. maryland lawmaker are considering a bill to keep young people convicted of serious crimes from returning to the same schools as their victim. an attack last year prompted the bill. three boys admitted to raping a classmate. they received probation and returned to school. >> her being in the same school
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as the perpetrators and their friends who persecute her on a daily basis was unbelievable. like she was raped all over again. >> reporter: the girl moved to nevada to live with relatives while the offenders stayed at mcgruder high. the bill under consideration would give them the authority to remove them. a woman said she met a man at fast eddies in virginia but when she asked for a ride home other men were in the car and went to waldorf maryland. investigators are already arrested six men in the case. five men from northern virginia have pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges in pakistan. now a letter, said to be from one of the suspects contains claims of torture and beatings by police. the men prayed at a mosque before traveling to pakistan last fall. no one knows why they went or
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why did didn't tell their families. some mosque members are sympathetic and others are angry toward the men. >> they use islam. you don't do these things. i'm a muslim and islam is all about world peace. >> reporter: some terror experts say the letter claiming torture maybe a ploy to warn garner sympathy. the next hearing for the men is march 31st when pakistani prosecutors are expected to present their evidence. a police chief and one of his officers have been put on leave in dumfries, virginia but we can't find out why. we know the fbi and the prince william county attorney are investigating copying files from at least three computers. chief johnson headed up the 12- member department included suspended officer john chapman. all 9 news has been told is this is an internal personnel matter and there is no public
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safety threat. coming up time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. the numbers keep going up. >> we like that. a lot of new numbers today. new economic data on the dock and we will have to see if it is strong enough to push wall street to the seventh day of rallies. as for trading so far today, asian stock markets were mostly lower. here at home the dow is up at 10700 after adding 47 points yesterday. the nasdaq rose by 11 and the s&p 500 was up by six. information tores are waiting on new readings on the health of the economy before the opening bell. the labor consumer price index is expected to snow show inflation is muted. before the bell the commerce department releases a measure of trade and later this morning the conference board's index of leading economic indicators is seen rising only modestly. new indictments in the
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madoff ponzi scheme. two employees have been indicted. the computer programmers are charged with conspiracy and falsifying records. madoff is currently serving 150 year sentence after admitting his multidecade ponzi scheme costs investors billions of dollars. the prosecutorial net is slow
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>> the leader of the research team says the micro chemicals look like a small octopus. >> they look like the tumor cell like traveling through the
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bloodstream. >> scientists hope to stop the tentacles from spreading. you can can find more on the story under our web site at you can also find more resources about breast cancer awareness on my blog. a new study finds people who survived one melanoma skin cancer are nine times more likely to develop a second. patients younger than 30 were most at risk. they also have a higher chance of developing other cancers. a government report finds there are 1.7 million brain injuries every year in the united states. most of these are caused by falls. the very young children underage 4 and the very rolled are the most susceptible. more nurses are entering the health care work force.
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the number of licensed numberses grew to 3 million between 2004 and 2008. the redskins pick up a free agent quarterback and georgetown tries to avoid the upset in the first ncaa tournament game. it is 5:20. here is who is celebrating a birthday today. vanessa williams. bonnie blair. queen latifah is 40. dane cook is 38.
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good morning. i have a look at morning sports. if you had too much green to drink tonight, calling in sick is the way to go. march madness starts in hours. the hoyas will number action at 7:25. -- will be in action at 7:25. >> we have a group of guys here for the first time. they are excited. we have to get past the
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excitement and focus on ohio. >> it feels good right now. >> the hoyas tip at 7:25. the terps have the first practice in spokane, washington today. they play houston on friday night. our march madness coverage kicks off at noon. go to to enter our hoops frenzy. the redskins and the nfl draft is not until april 22nd, but the team picked a quarterback yesterday. rex grossman signed a 1-year deal. he spent last season as a back up in houston playing in one game. he did work with current redskins offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. the nationalshavee released
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dukes. it was a baseball decision and it is performanced based. we will have all your highlights for the ncaa tournament later today. have a good one. a local official may file suit over healthcare reform. that story is coming up. we will have the latest on capitol hill on the legislation. after nearly two months of weather delays, road crews are closing an area bridge this weekend. we are looking fantastic from the bay bridge to the beltway. track no delays yet. we will have the news and weather after the break. stay with us.
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. spring starts very early on saturday morning. here's one sign we have been waiting for, the blossoms are popping up on the cherry trees at the tidal basin. thanks for joining us. patranya bhoolsuwan is going to have our traffic in a moment. and devon lucie is in for howard bernstein. he has a beautiful forecast to go with those cherry blossoms. >> a lot of warm weather and sunshine and you will see the losses just boom. the next few days you will see them coming to life here. going to look beautiful. not a lot of damage reported from the past storms. a lot of people were worried how the snow would affect the blossoms coming in. i think there's no worries for that. for the most part we are okay. in to southern pennsylvania, york 189. gaithersburg 39. officially at reagan national
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44. calm winds is not a deal at all. if any winds dwp today, north breeze at
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>> whatever they end up voting on, it will be for or against my healthcare reform legislation. >> reporter: after officials post the final draft, members will have 72 hours to review it. if all goes according to plan, a vote could happen as early as
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sunday. whit johnson, cbs news, washington d.c. >> if congress passes the sweeping healthcare reform legislation, virginia will sue. virginia became the first state passing a bill making it illegal that residents buy health insurance. paul powell is expected to die this week. we have more from the satellite center. >> reporter: paul powell has been on death row in virginia for more than a decade. he is convicted of killing 16- year-old stacy reed and raping her sister in 1999. christi still shows the scars of an attack. they are throat was slashed
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with a knife. she will be at the execution tonight when powell draws his last breath. this execution almost did not happen. prosecutors failed to prove powell raped stacy. >> i get the call that the virginia supreme court overturned the case and we had to go back to trial. the best we could hope for was life. >> reporter: then, powell wrote two letters to the prince george's county attorney. powell was retried and convicted a second time. the governor will not stop the execution. the victim's family says this execution is about closure. in a rare move, powell has chosen to die in the electric
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chair. >> thank you. a commuter alert for you planning on driving into the district this weekend. one of the bridges in from virginia will be closed. d-d.o.t. crews will close down the bridge friday night and it will stay closed until monday at 9:00 a.m. this is work d-d.o.t. has been trying to get to since last january, but snow and rain has postponed it. time for another living smart report. more people are doing taxes themselves this year. >> april 15th is coming close. according to our partners at usa today, turbo tax sales are up 10% this year. a 9.4% drop at h&r block.
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a consumer warning about our pets this morning. here is what you need to know. the epa says flea and tick products are killing hundreds of pets each year. the agency is working on stricter guidelines for product as applied to the skin. pet owners should follow application instructions very carefully. it is time for the money saving tip of the day. swim suit season is not all that far away. maybe it is time to hit the gym. you can negotiate the membership fee with the managers. some insurance companies offer discounts of 30-50% for gym memberships. for more money saving advice, check out my blog or follow me on twitter or facebook. thank you. before you leave, we want to share this picture with all of you. we have a new member of the
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9news now team. our assignment desk editor went to the hospital to get symptoms checked. it turned out it was time to have her baby. little jimmy thomas philips came into the world at 8 pounds and 10 ounces. baby, daddy and mommy are all doing well. we have been watching her grow and grow. >> this is a big baby. susan does things on deadline. she had her baby shower last weekend. >> came in and left and there is her st. patrick's day gift. rod r. blagojevich is not getting his way when it comes to his corruption trial. plus, one mayor goes to extremes to lure business to town. we are looking live here in the district from the traffic on the key bridge from arlington into georgetown. no big problems throughout
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washington d.c. it is 5:37. we will have more news, traffic and the forecast coming up.
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wal-mart is vowing to investigate a racist announcement on the pa system at one of the stores in new jersey. a man got on the system yesterday and said, "attention all wal-mart customers, all black people leave the store now." a judge has rejected a request from rod r. blagojevich's defense team to delay the start of his trial. the former illinois governor is scheduled to be tried on corruption charges in june. blagojevich was forced from office after he allegedly tried to sell barack obama's then
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senate seat. mayor richard clapp got into a tank full of sharks. he offered him as shark bait to woo google. the beautiful weather may have made us forget about last weekend's rain, but the flooding further north is still leaving some in need of rescue. that is coming up. a clear and chilly morning. national still says 44 degrees. at your house, it is probably closer to 38. temperatures in the mid-60s as the mid-morning hours burn off. we will have more when 9news now continues.
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but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. the skies above may be fair, but hundreds of people in new jersey still cannot go home because of flooding. the amount of property damage
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may not be known for days, some can thank their neighbors for getting out safely. >> it is one of the worst. >> reporter: this is ron hacker's neighborhood. >> all these houses are under water. every one of them. i would say about 1.5 feet in the house. >> reporter: ron did a lot of rescues during the storm. most of the homes are under water. there is someone's ice cream truck. more than likely their livelihood in this neighborhood. what you are looking at here is a car under water. behind me here, another car is partially submerged. >> he screamed at me. >> reporter: diana is suffering from emphysema. she was rescued by ron during
5:46 am
the storm. >> this is hard. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: she did not want to leave her house without her oxygen machine. >> i said you have to leave. i said we are going. i cannot row the boat. >> reporter: hacker went back through this to get her machine. they are now dealing with damage the raging waters left behind in their house. >> this is not funny anymore. >> that was christine sloane reporting. a 15-year-old was in a canoe with a relative when it flipped over in the new jersey river. they discovered just how strong the current was below the smooth surface of the water. a firefighter got to the girl clinging to a tree and eventually both made it to land safely. to another kind of survival story. he was supposed to get a new
5:47 am
owner last year. this husky escaped from montana to a shelter in washington state. the doing spent the last six months surviving in idaho. the dog is being treated for minor medical conditions, but should be ready for adoption soon. beautiful animal. >> that is one tough puppy. we have the forecast now. when do we do the spring dance? >> that is saturday afternoon at 1:32 for us. when the sun and science, blah, blah, blah, that kind of thing. temperatures are already up in the upper 60s and 70s for most. i think we have one bump before things are still looking good in the next week. let's go with the next three days. 70, 71, 72.
5:48 am
couldn't be better as we go into late march. tons of sunshine. one or two clouds rolling back in as soon as tomorrow. there is not a lot to talk about in the forecast until the second part of the weekend. let's go to the bus stop forecast first. it will be a chilly morning. jackets and maybe gloves. by this afternoon with 70 degree temperatures, make sure you have extra room to carry that in. sunny and chilly for the morning hours. 30s for some. we will be pushing to 45 degree temperatures at 9:00 and 10:00. this afternoon, upper 60s and low 70s. a bit of a breeze coming back. north/northwest breezes at 5-10 miles an hour. going into friday, rounding out the workweek in the upper 60s and low 70s. the only thing we need to show
5:49 am
is the clouds in washington and richmond area. you seesomee clouds toward charlottesville and delmarva. we have nothing coming in until sunday and monday. temperatures in the beltway are around 70 or 71. college park and rockville at 68. bwi at 67. baltimore at 67 degrees. into the low 40s overnight. by tomorrow afternoon, there should be a lot more 70 degree temperatures. if you don't hit it today, you will hit it tomorrow. tomorrow, you will hit it. here is the beginning of spring for the weekend. maybe a chance of a thunderstorm. a cold front rolls in sunday into monday. temperatures diving into the 50s. what you need to take away from
5:50 am
the forecast is it will still be cold the next couple of days. watch out for storms. i'm not going to look forward to that yet. pack your sunglasses and dress accordingly today. look for traffic at 301. i don't see anything popping up in southern maryland. keeping it going on 270. we are seeing a bit of volume taking up at montgomery village avenue to 495. that is typical delays. not too bad. good morning, virginia. 66 heading east toward the district. inbound traffic is picking up from route 50 to 395. more traffic there approaching duke to seminary up to gleeb. we will check the public transit. metro and marc are all looking good. the check of the rails and
5:51 am
roads. thank you. a tricky balance to keep your car running well without overspending on things up don't really need. in this consumer alert, we debunk some car myths and save you money in the process. >> reporter: last year's cash for clunkers was good, but now people are planning to hold on to their vehicles longer. to keep your car running longer, this is what you really need to spend. every year, lots of cars are put through tough tests and "consumer reports" has heard so many car care myths that need a reality check. >> when it comes to maintaining your car, there are misconceptions. >> reporter: myth number one, your engine oil should be changed every 3,000-miles. >> despite the oil companies,
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that is usually not necessary. >> reporter: the reality check? under normal driving conditions, most can go 7500 miles or more. stick with your owner's manual. myth number two, if your brake fluid is low, top it off. >> something could be wrong with your brakes. topping off the fluid could mask a problem. >> reporter: get your brake system checked. myth number three, after a jump start, your battery is fully charged. have your battery inspected at a service station to see if it needs more time to become fully charged or if it needs to be replaced. finally, dish washing and laundry detergent make a good car wash. >> you could damage the finish. >> reporter: use car wash liquid instead. also, experts say use the tire
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pressure listed on the door jam, not on the tire side wall. as long as you maintain it, you don't have to go to the dealership to keep your warranty valid. for more information, go to a group of skiers in idaho took to the slopes on wednesday in their prom dresses to raise money for charity. the money will go to help children learn to ski. and it is not an acceleration problem, but reports of a toyota stalling. and a local clinic says the trend outline in the hiv report in washington d.c. is not all positive. this morning in the examiner, a murderer from panama recently catched in the district is getting federally subsidized housing. and train derailment last
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welcome back to 9news now. the rate of aids in the district is still at epidemic levels. a new report shows cases in washington d.c. has declined in recent years. >> it is no coincidence as we double the number of people on the free hiv drug program and we improve testing, that the number of people dying from the disease is decreasing. >> officials at the district's leading clinic for hiv/aids are happy to see good news in the third annual review of hiv in the city. the whitman walker clinic cautions there is bad news down the road. >> reporter: new hiv/aids cases are arriving at the clinic every day. men having gay sex and sex with women at the same time. and women who did not know their men were on the downlow. if there is good news at the clinic today is more people are
5:58 am
being tested. >> it is predominately african- american in the heterosexual community. >> i think about the fear attached to it. i think that is why most people don't really want to know. >> reporter: tony has been living with hiv/aids for more than a decade. one of more than 15,000 residents affected. he counsels new clients and trying to encourage those to use condoms. >> why do people engage in unprotected sex? >> because it feels good. >> reporter: roughly 5% of the asian population is hiv positive. but the clinic says when you look at men having sex with men, that number is a staggers 51%. anyone having sex should be tested every year. >> once hiv is in your community, unless someone changes your behavior or we do
5:59 am
something different medically, it will continue to spread. >> reporter:brucee johnson, 9news now. >> here are more figures from the report. more than 3% of the city's population is infected. the number of new cases is declining. while blacks make up 52% of the district's population, that counsels 75% of the cases. you are watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. welcome back. thank you for starting your morning with us. we are starting off with a great forecast. >> keeping the week going just as we started it. the rain started and ended on monday. we got the great weather back out on tuesday. it continues through wednesday and


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